Kiel.AI Meetup: Training and Deploying LLMS // LLM Security

Kiel.AI Meetup: Training and Deploying LLMS // LLM Security

When and Where:

Mark your calendars for Thursday, February 1st, at 6 pm. The Meetup will be hosted at the COBL (Legienstr. 40, Kiel). For the first Meetup of the year we’ve again put together an engaging agenda for the evening, touching upon the most current issues in LLMs.

How to Register:

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Agenda for the Evening:

  1. Recent News in AI:
    Keep pace with the latest trends and breakthroughs in the ever-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence.

  2. Training and Deploying Open Source LLMs:
    Based on a talk held last month by Niels Rogge at a Belgium AI Meetup, Steffen Brandt from will provide insights on the training and deploying of open source LLMs, focusing on currently used frameworks and related costs.
    Steffen is part of the Kiel.AI network and organizes the education program in the area of machine learning at His main interest is the application of LLMs for educational purposes.

  3. LLM Security:
    Jan Monica, will give us an overview on cyber security issues connected to AI and LLM applications, and which frameworks might be considered as safeguards.
    Jan is leading a Machine Learning team within Siemens Smart Infrastructure, responsible for the development and deployment of ML services for fault detection, predictive maintenance, and service delivery optimization.

  4. Pitch for a course on hacking chatbots and other applications:
    Jan Monica would like to give AI cybersecurity a stronger focus and is looking for persons interested in joining him on a course on that matter.

Networking and Refreshments:

After the talks, we invite you to join us for complimentary pizza and drinks, providing the perfect backdrop for networking and engaging in deeper discussions.