Meetup on "Improving Open-Source LLMs and Human-Robot-Interaction"

Join us for an evening covering cutting-edge advancements in AI, including a deep dive into open-source Language Learning Models and Human-Robot Interaction.

Meetup on "Improving Open-Source LLMs and Human-Robot-Interaction"

When and Where:

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 11th, at 6 pm. The Meetup will be hosted at the COBL (Legienstr. 40, Kiel). We’ve put together an engaging agenda for the evening, touching upon the hottest topics in AI and robotics.

How to Register:

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Agenda for the Evening:

  1. Recent News in AI:
    Keep pace with the latest trends and breakthroughs in the ever-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence.

  2. Elevating German Language Models:
    Björn Plüster from the University of Hamburg will present an update on his July talk at the ELLIS-LAION Workshop on Foundation Models. Björn is the principal author of LeoLM, the first commercially available and open German Foundation Language Model based on Llama-2. His work is closely affiliated with Christoph Schuhmann and the LAION-Initiative.

  3. Human-Robot Interaction in Manipulation and Navigation:
    Sören Pirk, the newly appointed leader of the Visual Computing and AI group at the University of Kiel, will share his latest research findings. Prior to joining the University of Kiel, Sören was a Senior Research Scientist at Adobe Research, a Software Engineer at Google AI Robotics, and a Visiting Assistant Professor at Stanford University.

Networking and Refreshments:

After the talks, we invite you to join us for complimentary pizza and drinks, providing the perfect backdrop for networking and engaging in deeper discussions.