Image and Video Generation with GANs

Join us in our next Kiel.AI Meetup with Vladimir Alexeev (also known as Merzmensch) to take a look at the possibilities of state-of-the-art models to generate images and videos.

Image and Video Generation with GANs

This semester we offer for the first time the Advanced Machine Learning Sessions as part of the education program. Via the Kiel.AI Meetup the individual sessions are additionally open to the public.

On Wednesday, December 16, at 6pm, we will have our last session this year, and we are very happy to welcome Vladimir Alexeev (also known as Merzmensch) again. Vladimir has been publishing numerous blog articles on Towards Data Science and Medium investigating the possibilities of state-of-art models in text and video generation. On Wednesday, he will provide us with some of his works using Google Deep Dream, StyleGAN, DeOldify, or 3D Ken Burns Effect to produce video from an image.

The next Kiel.AI Meetup will then take place on January 13 and will provide technical insights on the implementation of GANs, for example, via the presentation of a project from last semester at, in wich the team generated "new" X-Ray images based on a set of given X-Rays.

Sign-up for for the Kiel.AI Meetup group and for this weeks meeting here.