Kiel.AI Invites you to the Google Hash Code Challenge 2021

Join our virtual Hub in the Starterkitchen Zoom Room and find a team to participate and improve your coding skills.

Kiel.AI Invites you to the Google Hash Code Challenge 2021

Also in 2021, we would like to invite you to the Google Hash Code Challenge. This year we invite you to join our virtual Starterkitchen hub, to find a local team and compare your results with other local teams.

Each team in our virtual hub will get its own breakout room, and we will keep you updated on the latest results via broadcast messages from the main room. You can also always switch rooms of cause and maybe ask other teams for help or take a break in the main room. :-)

The registration for the competition is open until February 24, 11:00 am. Best is to register directly now via the following this link.

Once everyone is registered individually, we have time until the start of the competition on Thursday at 6:30pm to build the teams. To have sufficient time to form the teams, we will therefore already meet at 6pm in the Starterkitchen Zoom Room.
To get an idea on the number of participants it would be great if you can also sign-up for our corresponding Kiel.AI Meetup here to indicate your participation.

Join us for this fun event and challenge and improve your data science coding skills!

But what is the Google Hash Code Challenge?!

Basically Google will provide us with an optimization problem, and we have 2 1/2 hours to provide the best solution possible (any programming language is possible). Typically, the teams submit new solutions every other minute and check their scores, so there will be a constantly changing leader board showing the current standing of the teams.
Check out more details here.