Novatec: Insights into Data-Centric ML and MLOps

Join us on Wednesday, November 16, at 6pm, in the Legienstr. 40 in Kiel or online to get ML insights from practice and network with other like-minded people.

Novatec: Insights into Data-Centric ML and MLOps
Photo by Christopher Burns / Unsplash

On Wednesday, November 16, at 6 pm, we will have our next Kiel.AI Meetup in the COBL (Legienstr. 40) in Kiel and online via Zoom.

This time we welcome Miro Göttler from Novatec, who will give us a short introduction on data-centric ML and MLOps and some insights on a project Novatec is currently working on.

Before Miro's input we will have as usual a general update on things we found interesting in recent AI developments, and after the talk, we will provide you with some pizza and drinks to wrap up the evening.

We look forward to seeing you again!