Kiel.AI invites you to the Google Hash Code Challenge

Register until Monday noon (!) to join us on Thursday night in the Starterkitchen in Kiel!

Kiel.AI invites you to the Google Hash Code Challenge

Very sponatenously we decided with several members from the Kiel.AI Meetup to take part in the Google Hash Code Challenge, and we invite everyone to join us in the Starterkitchen and take part a s well.
The official registration for the competition is only open until Monday, February 17, at noon, so register quickly! :-)

Once everyone is registered individually, we have time until the start of the competition on Thursday at 6:30pm to build the teams. Therefore, we will already meet at 6pm (make sure not to be later).
The link for the registration is here.
To know how many persons will join us in the Starterkitchen, it would be great if you also register for teh corresponding Kiel.AI Meetup here.

But what is the Google Hash Code Challenge?!

Basically Google will provide us with an optimization problem, and we have 2 1/2 hours to provide the best solution possible (any programming language is possible). Typically, the teams sumbit new solutions every other minute and check their scores, so there will be a constantly changing leaderboard showing the current standing of the teams.
Review the problem from last year here to get an idea.